Trump says Clinton was more obstinate in contrast to Biden


Donald Trump would go for reelection against Joe Biden than Hillary Clinton.

During “Meet the Press” interview, Trump noticed that Clinton was a “very tough” opponent in contrast to Biden who is taking the lead in the 2020 race. According to Mr.President’s words,

“Hillary Clinton was a great candidate. She was very smart. She was very tough. She was ruthless and vicious.”

Trump prefers running against Biden adding,

“Sleepy Joe. He’s sleepy. She was not sleepy.”

Donald Trump has paid more attention to his criticism on Biden as the former vice president has linked his candidacy to a direct Trump’s reproach.

Last week NBC News reported Internal Trump campaignshowing that Biden was at the front 
row across 11 states. Although Clinton is not going to put forward her candidacy for president in 2020she says,

Im going to keep on working and speaking and standing up for what I believe.”

Before the Iowa congressBiden has virtually taken all the polls of the Democratic presidential 
field. According to the criticism after recollections about his relationship with segregationists he 
worked at the Senate, the former vice president has had a bumpy past weeks.

Trump told the details of the 2016 race in the “Meet the Press” interview pointed that the states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania aided in winning the White House. He mentioned that “illegal voting” made Clinton win the popular vote, playing down approximately 3 million votes in the states of California and New York. Moreover, Donald Trump would like to make Vice President Mike Pence a mate praising him as a “terrific vice president” and “my friend”.

Natalia Veselnitskaya
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