Trump says Obama forced China and Russia together


US President Donald Trump in an interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News over the phone stated that Russian and China “were forced together by President Obama.” Trump called the two countries “powerful nations,” but didn’t fail to note that the US is “a very powerful nation.” Trump has also promised to get along with China nad Russia. The leaders will meet the upcoming week at the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan.


HANNITY:  What about Putin and China?  
TRUMP:  Well, they were forced together by President Obama, and you never like to see that what they were forced together by his attitude and by what they did.  When I got here, they were getting very close.  But we are doing things that nobody will be able to compete with in so many different ways.  
Second of all, we’re going to have a good relationship with Russia and we’re going to have a good relationship with China.  It’s very important that we do.  They are powerful nations and we are a very powerful nation.  
And I’ve rebuilt our military to a level that nobody thought possible — $716 billion last year.  Nobody thought — it was depleted when I got in.  They had planes that were so old, they couldn’t fly.  
And our military is almost completed in terms of being rebuilt.  We are doing missile —  
HANNITY:  A lot of money.
TRUMP:  — and missile technology that nobody’s even seen before.
HANNITY:  Mr. President, I would —  
TRUMP:  And think about do we announce it or do we not announce it?  But we have tremendous — you know, the levels of sophistication like you’ve never seen.  
With all of that being said, I want to get along with Russia, and I think we will.  I want to get along with China, and I think we will.  I’m meeting actually both of them next week in Japan at the G20.  
HANNITY:  Mr. President —  
TRUMP:  — the United States gets along.  The Russian witch hunt really hurt us in terms of our relationship with Russia.  I think it was just hurt — I think it hurts in terms of relationship with a lot of people, but we have very good relationships with countries, and sometimes countries you wouldn’t think so, because I’ve said, you have to pay for NATO.
HANNITY:  Mr. President —  
TRUMP:  You know, the United States is paying for NATO.  You have a lot of countries that were delinquent in their payments to NATO.  I got them to pay over hundreds of billions of dollars toward NATO.
But I think we are going to get along with a lot of countries, but those two in particular, I think we’re going to have — I hope we’re going to have a good relationship.  But we are a very strong country again, and we are respected again, Sean.  

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