US and French Presidents agreed on digital tax plan


On Tuesday, the Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA) reported about an agreement on France’s digital tax declared by Presidents Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron.

The Presidents have negotiated a plan in France’s favour to avoid tax payments as a new international tax is discussed.

“France’s unilateral digital tax action aimed at leading American companies is unjustified, and if tolerated, will encourage other countries to follow their example. We should not support a compromise that would green-light discriminatory taxes against US tech companies for some vague promise of possible partial reimbursement years later,” said Ed Black, the president of CCIA. 

According to Joe Kennedy of the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, there is no guarantee of signing a global agreement at an early date.

“The [US] administration should reject any deal that allows France and other countries to move ahead with discriminatory taxes on US technology companies. Digital service taxes violate current trade agreements and flaunt the spirit of tax treaties, and accommodating them would be a mistake,” Kennedy said. 

The French parliament adopted the above-mentioned tax in July.

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