US anti-abortion legislation is “torture” says UN commissioner


UN deputy high commissioner for human rights Kate Gilmore in an interview with the Guardian said that new US anti-abortion policy is a “form of extremist hate” and is equal to the torture.

Gilmore suggested that the wave of abortion banning bills was organized and sponsored by extremist groups. “We have not called it out in the same way we have other forms of extremist hate, but this is gender-based violence against women, no question,” she said.

Gilmore said that so-called “fetal heartbeat” bills passed throughout the US and banning abortions if the fetal heartbeat is detected are clearly torture and “deprivation of a right to health.” “This is a crisis. It’s a crisis directed at women,” she continued.

“It’s an assault on truth, science and universal values and norms,” Gilmore said.

According to Gilmore and other experts, bills banning abortions won’t stop women from performing it, instead, they would go to extremes and find another less safe methods. “We have to stand with the evidence and facts and in solidarity with women, and in particular young women and minority women who are really under the gun. This doesn’t affect well-off women in the same way as women with no resources, or able-bodied women the way it affects disabled women, and urban women the way it affects rural women,” said Gilmore. The evidence shows that in poor countries an estimated 220 women die for every 100,000 unsafe abortions, while in wealthier countries the number is 30.

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