US planning to “unbalance” Russia


The RAND Corporation, a non-profit research organization, published a research brief Overextending and Unbalancing Russia by RAND researchers specializing in international relations, including former Assistant Secretary of the State for Europe and US Ambassador to the European Union James Dobbins, ZeroHedge reported Saturday.

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According to Leonid Salvin, the author of the report, the research is a” practical recommendation for how the US can use Russia’s weakness and vulnerability to further limit its political and economic potential.”

The authors of the research suggest operations in four different sections – economic, geopolitical, ideological and informational, and military measures, each sections has a number of possible scenarios of what and how could be done  to weaken Russia.

The research was published in April 2019 and RAND website provides the electronic document itself, which can be downloaded for free.  Yet, it must have been handed over to US government officials a long time before being published. Taking that into consideration, it is worth questioning whether US is preparing for a war with Russia, as it is clearly understandable that American government is carrying out a large-scale campaign against Russia.

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