“Victims” of Mueller Investigation: Art Moore

Muller’s investigation

Art Moore, former Associated Press and Christianity Today reporter who wrote about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, recollects the day when two men knocked at his door. He first thought they were Jehovah’s Witnesses, but they appeared to be Mueller’s FBI agents Jared Brown and Aleks Kobzanets, cyber-crime experts. Although Moore was not a subject of the investigation, agents came with a questions about Jerome Corsi, investigative reporter, and whether Trump campaign officials  had anything to do with the publication of  Hillary Clinton emails in 2016.

“They were clearly on a fishing expedition,”  recalls Moore. According to him, agents “seemed desperate to find something to hang onto the narrative” of Trump-Russia collusion.

Moore claimed he had a feeling that prior to their visit Mueller’s agents looked through his personal text messages, emails, and phone records.

Later Moore got to know that FBI agents working for Mueller had already visited his boss Joseph Farah, founder and editor of WND.com. They’d asked him questions about Corsi, particularly they wanted to know who edited articles written by Corsi. Moore was the one editing Corsi’s stories, thus, another team of FBI agents was deployed to Moore’s residence. Soon after being grilled by FBI, Farah suffered a severe stroke.

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