“Victims” of Mueller Investigation: Jerome Corsi


Jerome Corsi, an investigative reporter, recollects that at the time he was served a subpoena by Mueller’s agents, he and his wife were at home in Denville. The subpoena stated he should be present in Washington in 10 days to testify before federal grand jury.

The next few months were a nightmare for Corsi. Mueller’s team questioned him six times over just two months. Each time investigators interrogated him in a conference room without a single window and sometimes the questioning lasted for too long, up to eight hours. He claimed that he was often left in an empty room having nothing to do for long periods of time. Corsi called it Mueller’s “mental torture.” He said the main goal of Mueller’s investigators was “to prove that I was the link between Assange and Stone – the key link to Assange that prosecutors had to establish to advance their Russian collusion narrative,” and in order to do that they were forcing Corsi to say he knew Assange, even though he didn’t. “They began yelling at me,” Corsi said, “reminding me I could be sent to prison for giving the FBI false information.”

Corsi claimed that FBI agents looked through his every email, private text message, social media post and every Google search. He described their tactics as “Gestapo,” and said it led him to “a nervous breakdown.”

“They got abusive when they didn’t get what they wanted, and they got nasty.”

Later Mueller’s office had leaked grand jury hearing details to press, which violated privacy rights.

“Leaking grand jury hearing information to the press is a crime. It can never be justified.” Sol Wisenberg, Independent Counsel

“I still haven’t recovered physically or financially,” said Corsi.

“We’re just now putting our lives back together. It was a completely fraudulent way to conduct an investigation. Usually you start with a crime and find the criminals. But in this case, they started with the ‘criminal’ and looked for the crime.”

Corsi filed a lawsuit against Mueller for spying and harassing him and his family members, noting that Mueller and his team “severely damaged” his reputation.

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