Vladimir Putin says US-Iran conflict could have catastrophic consequences


Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that conflict between Iran and the US would be “a catastrophe” for Middle East, reported UAWIRE.

When asked about the current situation in the Middle East, Putin said that “the US says that it does not exclude the possibility of using armed force. But I want to say straight away that that would be a catastrophe for the region, at the very least. It would lead to an outburst of violence and, possibly, to an increased number of refugees from the region.”

“It is extremely difficult to calculate what would happen if military force were used. Because Iran is a Shiite country, and even the Islamic world considers them people capable of going to extremes if necessary for self-defense, the defense of their country. And nobody knows what these extremes will result in. Who they will affect is also difficult to say. I would really not like things to develop in this way,” Putin added.

Tensions between the US and Iran keep rising. According to the media reports, Thursday US President Donald Trump called off military strikes on Iran just a few minutes before the operation should have started.

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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