Vladimir Putin: US – Russia dialogue is needed


President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin stated Thursday that he would talk to the US President Donald Trump, if that is what Trump wants, yet said that US-Russian relation may get even more complicated, reported UAWIRE. 

Now the bilateral relations between the US and Russia are tense. According to President Trump, they were hurt by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, which Trump calls a “witch hunt.” President Putin has also recently said that relations between the two governments are “deteriorating.”

Thursday Putin stated that “dialogue is needed.”

“Dialog is always good, it is always needed. Of course, if America shows interest in this – I have already said this multiple times – we are open to this dialog, to the extent that our partners are open to it. We understand and see what is going on there in the internal political scene in the US. Even if the president wants to take certain steps towards [us], or wants to say something, there are a host of organizations related to the activity of different government institutions. Especially since now the incumbent head of state will constantly be keeping an eye on the demands of the election campaign, which he has already begun.”

“As for the sanctions, in my opinion, it is a big mistake by the US, but I hope that at some point the realization of this will come and that it will be rectified,” Putin added.

The two leaders will meet at the G20 Summit, which will be held in Osaka, Japan, on June 28-29.


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