White House officials worry about being exposed

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During the investigation of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller many of current and former White House officials were questioned and now they are concerned that the redacted version of the report that will be released on Thursday will expose them as the source of information that may become damaging for Donald Trump.

“They got asked questions and told the truth, and now they are worried the wrath will follow,” said one former White House official. Some of the officials, who were questioned by Mueller and his team while conducting the investigation, witnessed Trump’s actions quite close. Therefore, they are especially worried about how the president reacts if it is clear from the report who shared information.  

“You have a whole bunch of former White House officials and current White House officials, but especially former White House officials, who were told to cooperate,” the former White House official said in his interview with The NBC News. “So people went and did that, and now the uncertainty is just how much of that information is going to be in that report and how identifiable to individuals is it going to be. And nobody knows.”

White House officials worry about being exposed

According to people with knowledge of the discussion, only whose are worried who spoke negatively about the president. William Barr, the Attorney General, said he will redact some information from the report, especially those materials that may “infringe on the personal privacy and reputations of peripheral third parties”.

“Even if names are redacted or names are not in the report to begin with, it could be situations people were asked about and they answered truthfully that at least for some people – specifically the president – would be identifiable because the situation applies to just one person,” said the former White House official. “Nobody has any idea what this is going to look like on Thursday”.

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